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**Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of ClickFunnels. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control. Please note that ClickFunnels is not a business opportunity. ClickFunnels is a website and funnel builder that helps businesses sell their products and services online. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back.**

Entrepreneurs Everywhere

are abandoning their ecommerce sites or supercharging them—before, during, and after purchases—with a simple, yet powerful addition…

Because traditional ecommerce platforms aren’t designed to increase website visitors, conversion rates, checkouts, nor repeat purposes.
(Sales funnels are!)
But… before we break those stages down into actionable steps, I want to help you understand what an ecommerce sales funnel is. More importantly, why YOUR BUSINESS needs one.

From: Russell Brunson

RE: Do sales funnels work for ecommerce?

If you’re reading this, then you sell—and want to sell more—physical products online. It’s likely that part of the reason lies in how fast the ecommerce market is growing, both globally and in the United States.
Data from eMarketing (2019) 

But did you know that 4 out of 5 online storefronts fail within the first 24 months?

The truth is…

Building an Ecommerce Store Is Easy

(That’s Why Many People Start)

Making It Profitable Is Not

(That’s Why So Many QUIT!)

Most ecommerce entrepreneurs source products and then take one of two paths…
Some list them on Amazon through seller accounts—only to get drowned in the sea of competitors doing the very same thing.
Others create their own ecommerce website and start the waiting game. If you build it, they will come. Right? (Sadly, no.)Unfortunately for the vast majority of online shop owners, that’s just not true.
“Five and half years into our business, and I was confused as heck, frustrated, overwhelmed.
“I still remember the day I was sitting at my desk. Here I see Russell Brunson… and something in my heart was like, ‘That’s what you’ve been looking for.’
“We went from zero dollars in our funnel to over $130,000 in our first six weeks. Now we’ve done over almost 3/4s a million dollars in about five months.
“The amazing thing is we’ve had a website—we’ve had a Shopify site—for years. And yet the funnel was able to be a catalyst for us to grow.”
**Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of ClickFunnels. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control. Please note that ClickFunnels is not a business opportunity.  ClickFunnels is a website and funnel builder that helps businesses sell their products and services online. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back.**

The main reason people struggle to grow their ecommerce business is that they're focused on selling a product, rather than creating an irresistible offer.

When all you do is sell a product, it’s easy to get pinned against your competitors in a race to the bottom. More often than not, the cheapest gets the sale.
Even if you drop prices to win the customer, there’s no margin left for advertising.
It’s an insidious catch-22 that kills so many businesses: you need customers in order to fuel your cash flow but you also need to spend money on advertising in order to consistently bring new shoppers to your store!
The million-dollar question becomes…

“How can I spend money getting new customers to my online store and

still remain profitable?”


By replacing—or transforming—your online store into a customer-grabbing, sale-closing machine!

After all, you’re an entrepreneur. So you’re probably a decent salesperson.
But, your shopping cart website isn’t.
Even if you’re good at generating traffic, once you push it to the “anti-sales department” (A.K.A., your shopping cart site) and they leave, that’s it.
Cart abandonment writ large!
Gone means gone. Not only your chances of turning them into a customer… but turning them into customers who come back predictably to buy again and again and again.

That’s because websites —


— aren’t designed to sell.

They provide surface-level information (like a brochure). And way too many similar options and distractions. This is why so many visitors struggle to make up their mind and don’t end up checking out.
If they’re “shopping around” and aren’t focused on your product, they’ll leave your site, and you have NO way to follow up with them.
Successful ecommerce entrepreneurs do something different…
They realize that if they want to make it online, they can’t sell from a flat shopping cart website. And, neither can you.
Instead, you need to take your shoppers by the hand and walk them through each step of the sales process… just as if you were next to them in person.

This Is Where an Ecommerce Funnel Comes In (AND Why Your Business Needs One!)

An ecommerce sales funnel is a marketing strategy designed to transform cold prospects into long-term customers by driving them through stages that naturally align with how people shop and make decisions.
Normally, funnels are broken down into three stages…
  • Top of the funnel (ToFu): Target audience
  • Middle of the funnel (MoFu): Potential customers
  • Bottom of the funnel (BoFu): New and existing customers
… Or, by using what’s called the AIDA Model:
  • Awareness: Grabbing attention
  • Interest: Whetting someone’s appetite for more
  • Desire: Showing how your product can solve a real problem
  • ​Action: Getting them to convert in some way or making the sale
A better way, however, looks like this (especially for online shoppers)…
Remember that from up top? 
That’s how we think about funnels.
Actually, there’s an EVEN BETTER “better way” to show it to you (like this)…

The Five Stages of a Powerful Ecommerce Sales Funnel

“Funnel” means you’ll start with a large audience of prospective buyers that will eventually narrow down to a smaller group of highly-targeted, high-value customers. An ecommerce marketing funnel maps the stage of the funnel to the customer journey.
The final goal isn’t to make a sale, at least not just one sale.
Instead the goal is to…
  • Turn new shoppers into BUYERS
  • And returning customers into a SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS
How is the ClickFunnels approach different? Let me show you…
— Old Way —

An Ecommerce Store
Without an Ecommerce Funnel

New ecommerce shop owners typically spend $50-$100 a day on advertising.
Normally this takes place on marketplaces (like Amazon), through search engine marketing (Google Ads), or through social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
What happens next?
In the first big bucket, when a shopper clicks to Amazon…
They’re shown your product as well as ALL your competitors products. They get distracted and often end up buying the cheapest option.
For the second, when somebody clicks a Facebook Ad, Google Ad, or even an organic search-engine result through the use of SEO and content marketing… 
They end up on your ecommerce site—maybe even a category page or product page. That’s better than the first route because at least you’re in full control.
Unfortunately, very few websites are set up to entice those visitors into buying.
Not only that, you have no way to follow up with them after they disappear or abandon their carts (except to pay for them to return all over again through remarketing and retargeting).
Not the best use of your advertising dollars.
If you operate your online store the old way, you’ll have a hard time making a profit.  That’s why… 
— New Way —

Behold, the
Ecommerce Sales Funnel

With the new way of marketing ecommerce products, you’ll still spend money on advertising. 
But, instead of sending them to your competitors (Amazon) or a deadend (ecommerce store)… you’ll send them directly into a dynamic, powerful, and high-converting sales funnel.
Why is the new way so much better?
Once a visitor enters your funnel, you can …
  • Collect their email with a free “bait” offer
  • Sell them on a low-cost and low-risk front-end offer
  • Increase average order value with an up or downsell middle offer
  • ​And, keep them coming back for more with a lifetime-value driving back-end offer
The entire process is based on knowing your customers’ pain points. Addressing those pains head-on the first time they arrive. And moving them from the awareness stage right through the checkout process with…
  • Social proof (e.g., reviews and ratings)
  • Free or break-even offers in order to upsell later
  • Relevant calls-to-action (CTA) that go beyond “buy no” or “opt-in”
  • ​Powerful copy in your product descriptions and within educational content
So here's the critical question…

“If you knew spending $1 in ads would get you $3, $5, or $10 back—

how often would you do that?”

Why doesn’t everyone have a funnel? Because, truth be told, the real question is…

How Do You Build an

Ecommerce Sales Funnel

(in 15 Minutes)?

And how do you do it without:
  • Hiring expensive programmers?
  • Trying to glue together 10+ systems?
  • Or, spending a fortune just to get it up and running? 
If you’ve ever attempted to build a retail sales funnel, you’ve probably:
Hire a team of programmers
Attempt to do it yourself
The worst part?
No matter which option you roll with, it’s tough to glue together all the pieces of software and make them work together just to create ONE simple sales funnel...
Have you ever felt handcuffed as an entrepreneur
or given up on putting all the right pieces together? 
You know what I'm talking about.
You get an idea for a new product that you’d like to sell. You see the vision. You know exactly what you need to do. You know how this thing will change the world!
And then—
Here’s what's probably happening to you. (Watch this video!)
The reasons are abundant. Maybe you don’t know how to code. Perhaps you don’t know how to design. It could be you don’t know how to do either.
Whatever the cause, you end up being held hostage by the very tools, tech, and people you hired to help you.
Something that should be SO simple—that should only take a few minutes—somehow become hours, and then days… and then weeks.
Your excitement for building your business gets dimmer and dimmer until one day it's gone.
(Worse, the money-trap of having to pay too much money for something you don’t even know will work or not.)

This Is One of the BIGGEST Reasons So Many Ecommerce Entrepreneurs


You either don’t have the right sales funnel in place to generate a true profit or you struggle to get a sales funnel up and running (period).
But what if you could...
  • Fire those programmers and take back control?
  • Didn’t have to deal with learning a single line of code?
  • Build and launch multiple ecommerce sales funnel in just minutes?
Here’s what one member of ClickFunnels said, after trying
six other systems…
Watch this video case study to see how to cut the amount of time, stress, and suffering behind the keyboard and ONLY deal with what matters—getting your message and product out to the marketplace.

Yes, It’s True! ClickFunnels Was Created So That Entrepreneurs Like You 

… who aren’t programmers
… who don't know how to design
… who have no desire to ever learn a single line of code
Can SHORTCUT creating a
high-converting sales funnel
in as little as 15 MINUTES
Here are stories of other ClickFunnels members who are doing exactly that…
Case Study #1: 
Alison Prince
Alison Prince's 2 young daughters created their own 6-figure Ecomm business just 9 months! 
Case Study #2: 
Tim Stenros
Tim Stenros and his wife built a funnel, and took their quilting passion to $40K per month!
Case Study #3: 
Michael & Denice Duff
Michael and Denice Duff completely SOLD OUT of their product within 5 weeks of their launch!
**Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of ClickFunnels. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control. Please note that ClickFunnels is not a business opportunity.  ClickFunnels is a website and funnel builder that helps businesses sell their products and services online. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back.**
The Only Real Question Is…
“Are YOU Next?”

How to Create Your Own Ecommerce Funnel in 5 (EASY) Steps

Let me show you just how simple it really is:
Step #1:
Pick Your Sales Funnel
First, select the type of ecommerce funnel that is scientifically pre-designed to sell YOUR products or build your audience (i.e., your email list).
Step #2:
Pick The Page Design
Then, you choose the style of page design that you like the best. Explore hundreds of free funnel templates available for you here!
Step #3:
Modify The Page
Use our EASY “drag and drop” style editor to quickly add, delete, or re-arrange any elements on your page until it looks the way you want.
Then, simply replace the elements with your own branding (like your logo, video, etc.) and you’re ready to make your funnel LIVE!
Step #4:
Set Up Your Membership Area
With ClickFunnels, you don’t need a separate membership site software! If your product requires access to any type of content or training (courses, videos, etc.):
  • Pick your favorite membership area page
  • And add in any training or content you want
You can unlock all the content at once or set it up to drip one training at a time!
Step #5:
Set Up Your Follow-Up Funnels
Make following up with your potential customers a breeze with our advanced “Follow-Up Funnels” system. Again, simply choose which form of communication you want, create your message, and send it out… or schedule it to be delivered at the time you want.

ClickFunnels Gives You the Tools You Need to Market, Sell, AND Deliver Your Products Online (In One Convenient Spot)

In as little as 15 minutes, you can create what may have taken your tech team weeks to do: turn your ideas into reality.
Oh, and in case you were wondering, when you use ClickFunnels, not only can you get rid of your tech guys or the hours and hours of trying to figure it all out.
You can also kiss your website, shopping cart and email autoresponders goodbye too! (Is it ok if we over-deliver? Even if you're not ready for all that now, I’m too excited to keep this a secret.)
It’s like taking a giant chest of ecommerce tools and having ONE supertool that does everything for a fraction of the cost!
You seriously can’t miss out on this. But don’t take our word for it.
Unless your business is where you want it to be and you’re able to execute all your ideas and quickly turn them into profits…
Then I want you to sign up for a FREE 2-week trial today and see for yourself how simple it is to create funnels that are as good at selling your product as you are. (Even if you’ve never built a website or sales funnel for your business ever before!)
Can You See How FREEING This Is For An Ecommerce Marketer? 
Because ClickFunnels is so easy and simple to use:
  • You don’t need to rely on a marketing agency
  • You don’t need to hire a tech team or even a developer
  • You don’t need to worry about the money you may be losing every day that you aren’t selling products
"But Russell…
… How Do I Know Which Sales Funnel Will Work Best For Me?”
As an ecomm entrepreneur, there’s a ton of funnels that you can use to build and scale your business.
In fact, by default inside of your ClickFunnels account, you can choose from 22 DIFFERENT TYPES OF SALES FUNNELS that are pre-designed to convert (that you can add into your account with a single click of a mouse)!
Here are a few of the marketing funnels you can choose from:
  • Squeeze Page Funnel
  • Daily Deal Funnel
  • Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel
  • Invisible Funnel
  • ​Lead Magnet Funnel 
  • Webinar Funnel
  • Bridge Funnel 
  • Auto Webinar Funnel
  • Survey Funnel 
  • Product Launch Funnel
  • Application Funnel 
  • Hero Funnel
  • Ask Campaign Funnel 
  • ​Homepage Funnel
  • 2-Step Tripwire Funnel
  • Cancellation Funnel
  • Video Sales Letter Funnel
  • ​Storefront Funnel
  • Sale Letter Funnel 
  • Summit Funnel
  • Membership Funnel
  • Live Demo Funnel 
Each of these are designed to help you in different ways…
  • Build your list of prospects
  • Increase the number of units sold
  • Lift the value of your customer’s shopping cart
Of course, all those options can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s why I’ve boiled everything down into…

3 “Secret” Funnels Specifically Designed for Ecommerce Marketers

Here’s a Sample of What You’ll Get Access to with Your 14-Day Free Trial… 
Share Funnels
Share the funnels you make with others
Build funnels quickly and easily with our "drag 'n' drop" style editor, and pre-designed templates!
Create beautifully designed sub-pages within each funnel
Set up team members with their own login and admin rights
Payment Gateways
Connect to payment gateways through our several integrations, so you can get PAID!
Connect to multiple domains, so you can have multiple brands or products on the same account
Follow-Up Funnels
Connect (and reconnect) with your audience, even after they leave your funnel!
Chat Support
Get all of your funnel-building and technical questions answered by our friendly support team!
Priority Support
Weekly Peer Review Hackathons
Build your funnel start to finish, as a consultant guides you step-by-step through the process
Funnel Hacker Forum
Connect with and learn from others in the FunnelHacker community
Funnel Flix
Watch courses and trainings from the most brilliant minds in marketing and personal development - all in ONE place!
Hours of Additional
Training & Courses

The Etison Page Editor

A simple ‘drag n drop’ editor that allows you to easily to design pages...but powerful enough that you can create anything you want!

ClickFunnels Sales Funnel Builder

You can build over 22 types of funnels to generate leads, make sales, one-click upsells, webinars and more! You can create up to 20 funnels, have 100 pages, and 20K visitors per month inside this account!

Conversion Template Library

Build funnels from templates that are optimized for conversion. (Or, there’s even a funnel “marketplace” where you can choose to get full funnels from amazing designers as well.)

Conversion 'Elements'

ClickFunnels has all the “ingredients” that increases urgency or maximizes lead and sales conversion - (such as countdown clocks, order bumps, digital table rush, etc.)

Good To Great Mobile Optimization

By default, all of our pages are instantly mobile...but inside of our editor, it’s incredibly easy to get AMAZING optimization. No matter what device your customer is on, your funnel will look awesome!

Split Test Optimizer

Run true A/B split tests to determine which page will give you the biggest increase in your conversions!

One-Click Shopping Cart

Our cart was created for maximum conversion. Instantly generate MORE sales by adding our patent-pending two-step order forms, order form bumps, one-click upsells/downsells, and more!

Smart Conversion Automation

Retrieve potential customers who entered into your funnel, but didn’t become a BUYER. 

Follow-up with them using targeted email sequences or webinars that bring your customer back! You can customize your message based on their individual behavior and actions throughout your funnel (if they show up, if they stayed to the end, if they abandoned the cart early, etc…)

Customer Membership with Drip Content

Host your courses, trainings, and content for your members inside our protected membership area. 

You can customize your members site to look the way you want! You can provide immediate access to ALL of your content, or trainings can be dripped to your members one at a time!

Conversion Stats Cockpit

Get all the reports and stats you need in one easy-to-read you can quickly check the “health” of your funnel. 

At a glance, your data and analytics will show you what’s working, what’s not, and where your biggest opportunities to increase conversions are!

BackPack Affiliate Platform

Create, track, and manage your affiliate army who markets your products FOR you! 

You can easily add an affiliate program onto ANY of your product pages.

UNLIMITED Sales Funnels!

With Actionetics MD upgrade, you get EVERYTHING inside of ClickFunnels, PLUS you get the unlimited account (unlimited # of funnels and visitors each month!)

Lead Scoring (Action Scores)

Imagine being able to know how much each lead is worth to you. Inside Actionetics MD, we’ll actually “GRADE” your contacts! For every potential customer that comes through your funnel, we’ll give them an Action Score (based on an algorithm of their behaviors and actions). Get Lead Scoring on your first 10K contacts for FREE with Actionetics MD.

Smart Lists

Create a very specific, highly-filtered list of people based on their actions or behaviors so that you can create a broadcast message that speaks to them with pinpoint precision. Or, use a follow-up sequence to reconnect and bring them back!

Multi-Dimensional Marketing

All of your contacts behave differently, and spend time in different places throughout the day...right? 

That’s why Actionetics MD is set up to market to your contacts in a MULTITUDE of ways. Using just one cohesive system, you can push messages to your contacts through email, social media, direct mail, retargeting ads, desktop/mobile, and inside your funnel.

Follow Up Funnels

This is Marketing Automation made easy! Most of your audience won’t buy the first time you make an offer. In fact, it takes the average customer 7 interactions before they BUY. 

Create follow-up funnels that reconnects with and wins back your customers, using email sequences, retargeting, webinars, and more!

Email Push Messenger

Create incredible looking emails that push straight to the inbox of your subscribers! Send broadcast emails to your contacts, or schedule automated follow-up sequences during “time windows” when they are likely to open. If they don’t open, you can automatically reschedule another email to be sent using a different subject line.  

Social Push Messenger

This delivers your broadcast or follow-up messages right into the social inboxes of your subscribers! (This currently works with Facebook, and we’ll be adding in other social networks as they open up.)

Retargeting Push Messenger

Create retargeting messages that push directly into your customer audiences on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can even segment your audience based on WHERE they left your funnel, and craft a specific message that shows how they can take the next step.  

Desktop/Mobile Push Messenger

Your subscribers won't ALWAYS be on social media, or scrolling through their email inbox. But, they'll be near their phone, or on one of the many other sites reading blogs or articles, shopping, gaming, or surfing cool sites that they’re interested in. Use desktop and mobile messages that fly into their browsers (and onto their phones) and reach them no matter what they’re doing.

Funnel Push Messenger 

If you want to do a special promotion, you can push messages directly into the pages inside your funnel. This works GREAT for daily specials, coupon codes, last minute reminders for product launch windows that are about to expire, etc...

Smart Email Analytics

See the data behind every email that gets sent out. Get real-time reporting on your opens and clicks, as well as how much income the individual email has generated for you!
Even MORE Important Than What You’ll Get
Is What You’ll Be Able To GET RID OF 
  • Multiple Payment Options and Providers
  • ​​Landing Page Software
  • ​Membership Site Software
  • ​Popup Builders
  • ​Lead Generation and Nurturing Platforms
  • ​Split Test Software (A/B Testing)
  • ​Shopping Cart
  • ​Email Autoresponders
  • ​Email Marketing Provider
  • ​Text Message Autoresponders
  • ​Automated Webinar
  • ​Affiliate Software
  • ​Photoshop
  • ​Wordpress
  • ​Shopify
  • ​BigCommerce
  • ​WooCommerce
  • ​Your Website Hosting
  • ​Programmers
  • ​Designers
  • ​Web Masters
  • ​And so much more! 
“I've been building out my new funnel inside of Clickfunnels, and after doing it, the idea of using anything else is daunting to me.” — Liz Benny
**Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of ClickFunnels. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control. Please note that ClickFunnels is not a business opportunity. ClickFunnels is a website and funnel builder that helps businesses sell their products and services online. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back.**
With ClickFunnels, you can do ALL of these things inside of ONE simple to use shortcut software that you or anyone on your team can use. But, before you get started, I wanted to give you a few things…

4 Resources (BONUSES!) To Help Your Ecommerce Funnel Succeed

Bonus #1:
The 3 "Fast Funnel" Templates!
Why waste time reinventing the wheel?  
There’s NO need to create your funnels from scratch!
I’m going to share with you the SAME TOP 3 Funnel Templates that you’ll need most to grow your Ecommerce company. 
With just 1 click of a button, ALL the pages and templates for these 3 “Fast Funnels” will be INSTANTLY shared with you, and will show up inside your new ClickFunnels trial account.
I’m a BIG fan of anything that simplifies my business, saves me time, or creates a shortcut…which is why these Fast-Funnel Templates are so helpful (especially if you’re just starting out building sales funnels for your business).
Bonus #2:
Special Webclass Training!
After 2,039,482 funnels and 70,728 split tests, I want to share with you EXACTLY what we’ve learned (new research).

This training is called:
“3 Simple Tweaks Our Top Members Use To 
 Boost Sales By Up To 540%…
…Without Driving Any Extra Traffic!”
 SECRET #1: How to instantly outspend your competitors and ethically capture ALL potential customers in your market
 SECRET #2: After processing $477,411,717 in revenue, we are shocked that 98.3% came from the SAME 3 simple funnels  
 SECRET #3: The secret (almost "backwards") traffic source that fuels ALL of the TOP 100 funnels
Bonus #3:
Funnel Hacker’s CookBook
(Digital Version)
If you need some tech guidance, this is going to be a major help. I’ve designed this book so it reads like a regular cookbook…  

Want to build an email funnel?
Want to build a webinar funnel?
Want to build a video sales letter funnel? 
There’s a recipe for each one! In all, 22 online funnel recipes. 
(Keep in mind, I’m GIVING you 3 pre-built funnel templates that you can use for your specific business., but this cookbook will be a staple resource if you want to create funnels of your own from scratch.)
10 years of funnel-building knowledge compressed down into one easy-to-follow cookbook.
Bonus #4:
Funnel Hacker’s CookBook
(Video Training)
Get ready for a 3-hour “deep dive” into Funnel Strategy! Each of the 3 training videos acts as a walk-through and companion to the Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook:
Video #1:
Funnel Strategy 
This training breaks down (in a SIMPLIFIED way) what you need to understand about how funnels actually work.

I’ll show you (with my cool “Lego” technique) how sales funnels work.
  • ​Structure and strategy
  • ​Elements and ingredients
  • ​How the pieces all fit together
Video #2:
Inside this training, I’ll show you how the different pages of your funnel will connect and work together.

You’ll learn:
  • ​What the elements are that need to go into each page
  • What the highest converting pages look like
  • ​And, how each page within your funnel works
Video #3:
Funnel Recipes
This is where we combine the first two training sessions!

I’ll train you on ALL 22 funnel types and the individual pages you’ll need for each one.
Ecommerce sellers are leaving Amazon for funnels! 
**Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of ClickFunnels. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control. Please note that ClickFunnels is not a business opportunity. ClickFunnels is a website and funnel builder that helps businesses sell their products and services online. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back.**
“Ok, Russell. All this free stuff. 
What’s the catch?” 
There Is NO CATCH! 
But there IS a very specific reason why I’m doing this... 
Actually, two. First, it’s one of the best ways I can think of to give back and contribute.
I firmly believe that in order to keep growing in business, the student must become the teacher, and help others who are on the same journey.
Second, ClickFunnels needs to be USED in order to fully grasp how it can help simplify and grow your business online. You wouldn’t dream of buying a car without first taking it for a test drive to see what it can do (and if it’s the right fit), right?
I’ve tried to give you EVERY reason to say YES. Now the choice is yours!
Make no mistake. Your decision whether to take the free trial or not does not affect me or my lifestyle one bit. I won’t live any differently than I do now. My life won’t change one lick if you decide against coming on board with us.
But, your life could change dramatically when you take advantage of this rare opportunity to start on my shoulders.
You’ve already paid your dues in life, and it’s time to get the payback!
If you do nothing...
Nothing Happens.
Time is of the essence.
If you’ve made it this far, you’ve already taken a gigantic step forward.
The next step?
Action is the line that always separates winners from the losers.
Action is the key to making it big in this world full of dreamers and armchair mystics.
  • Anyone can say they want riches
  • ​Anyone can set goals for riches
  • Anyone can dream of riches
But rewards come only to those who actually DO SOMETHING, not talk about doing something.
You can elect to grab the riches within your reach now, or continue living your life as usual.
I think the choice is clear.
Do You Have a Guarantee?
Of course. :)
I know that you’ll LOVE ClickFunnels… 
If for any reason you decide you don’t want to keep using ClickFunnels after the two free weeks, cancel and we won’t charge you a single penny.
After that, if you decide not to be a member anymore, then we’ll happily cancel your account without any penalties or fees.
We don’t believe in any long term contracts so you can come and go as you please.
Everything You Get With Your FREE TRIAL Today!
  ClickFunnels - Smart Funnel Builder ($2,997/yr Value)
  ClickFunnels Editor - Simple Webpage Creation  ($1,997/yr Value)
  Backpack - Easy Affiliate System  ($997/yr Value)
  Follow-Up Funnels  ($4,997/yr Value)
 BONUS: 3 “Fast Funnel” Templates ($149 Value)
 BONUS: Special Webclass Training 
 BONUS: Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook (Digital) 
 BONUS: Funnel Cookbook 3-Part Video Training Series
  ClickFunnels Member Community  
Total Value: $11,137 / Year
Click on the button above, pick what subscription plan you want to be on, and we can finally get started!    
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Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:
  Do I have to pay for updates?
No! We give constant updates to our software, add new templates and you get it all for FREE! Because ClickFunnels is on the cloud, when we make an update or add new feature, they automatically show up in your account!
  Are my funnels secure?
Yes! Secure is our top priority, and we built ClickFunnels from the ground up to make sure your funnels, subscribers, and members area are secure. You don't have to worry about staying up-to-date with "plugins" that can easily be compromised.
  How long are your contracts?
There are NO long term contracts or commitments. You can use ClickFunnels month to month, and cancel at any time you'd like!
  If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?
Yes! We have a first class support team who can answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Just click on the "support" link on the bottom of any of our pages or go to 
  If I cancel my ClickFunnels account, will I lose my data?
As with most "software-as-a-service" platforms, when you cancel your account, your data will become inaccessible, but don't worry, before canceling you have the opportunity to download csv files of your contacts and members or "pause" your account and we'll keep everything backed up waiting so you can come back again later!
 Can I integrate my favorite autoresponders / shopping carts into ClickFunnels?
Yes, while we suggest that most people only use ClickFunnels to run your company, we also know that some of you have your own favorite tools you've used in the past, so we integrate with most of the top service providers to make your funnel building process even more fun!  

  Do I have to install anything?
No! We created ClickFunnels so you wouldn't have to have a whole I.T. department to run your website! Just login, start clicking, and you can build all of the pages in your funnel from the members area!
  Can you handle the load?
Yes! Because ClickFunnels is hosted on the largest public cloud cluster in the world (powered by Amazon and backed up by CloudFlare Security + CDN) we have virtually unlimited ability to scale in real time. Whether you send 100 visitors or 100,000+ today, it won't slow us down!
  Who owns the data / content / subscribers?
You do! Any content (including your users) is 100% owned by you. ClickFunnels doesn't have permission to use that content or contact your users for any reason. ClickFunnels is just a tool for YOU to deliver YOUR content!
  Can I host the pages myself?
No, we're a hosted, "software-as-a-service" platform. We do this so that we can make sure you get all of the updates, new features, and so your funnels won't break. You can also export the html from any of your pages, as well as your contacts anytime you'd like...
  If I don't like ClickFunnels, how do I cancel?
Simply login to your account, click on your account settings and click "cancel my account". No need to call, email, or talk to anyone!
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