ClickFunnels: Enabling People To Grow Their Companies Through Sales Funnels
So, you want to use ClickFunnels to run a webinar or automated, evergreen webinar event for your company?
The Good News Is...
Our ClickFunnels' user base uses simple webinar funnels to easily run their online events inside of ClickFunnels.
Tell Me What Type Of Funnel Sounds Right For You, And On The Next Page I'll GIVE YOU The Top Converting Templates!
Now, there are two ways that people run events with ClickFunnels…
Both are simple to create inside of ClickFunnels.

Just let me know which of these funnels is the closest to what you are trying to do, and I’ll take you to a private page where I can show you the best practices for that funnel AND I’ll actually give you some of our top converting event funnels!
Webinar Funnels
The first is a live webinar using a 3rd party software like gotowebinar or zoom. They use ClickFunnels to customize the registration process to increase conversion and increase sales.
Autowebinar Funnels
The second is to run an automated, on-demand, evergreen webinar that is completely run on ClickFunnels. For this funnel you take a presentation you already created and use our funnels to run the whole event.
*Templates are for ClickFunnels Classic only.
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