We are a team of Marketers.
And we don’t mess around about your business or our business;
in fact we are here to make a difference in how businesses business.
Our team is lead by "A-Level" players, the best in the industry. Russell Brunson, Co-Founder, CEO and Head of Marketing, drives the company's sales and vision. Todd Dickerson, Co-Founder, Lead Software Architect and head of technology, continuously pushes our team to build a bigger, better, and stronger app for our users every day.

Because we've built a remote company, we've been able to hire only the best and most talented "A-Level" players and our team is growing every single day!
Our Leadership Team
We've got every basis covered... Marketing, Tech, Design, Financial, Traffic, Funnel Building, Coaching... you name it!

Thanks to our amazing leaders, we can expand, grow and dominate the marketplace with the best teams possible.
Russell Brunson
Todd Dickerson
Russell Brunson
CO-FOUNDER / CEO / Head of marketing
Russell Brunson is the CEO and Head of Marketing at ClickFunnels. Being a world renowned Internet Marketer, father of 5 and husband to his loving wife, Russell wakes up every day with 1 goal in mind... World Domination! How to give his family the best life they can possibly have, how to grow and scale a company to 9 figures and beyond... His favorite hobby? Wrestling with his friends in his backyard gym.
Social Media
Todd Dickerson
Todd Dickerson is the Lead Developer and Software Architect of ClickFunnels. Being a successful business owner, father and husband, he strives to make ClickFunnels the best possible app that Marketers and Business Owners can use to help grow their business successfully. His favorite hobby? Buying and Selling Toyota Supras.
Social Media
John Parkes
Head of Adverstising
Dave Woodward
Head of business development
Ryan Montgomery
Cheif Technical Officer
Brent Coppieters
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