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Did You Know Every Time One Of Your Funnels Goes Live Inside Of ClickFunnels,
We Donate A $1.00 To Help Build Schools In Kenya?
The ClickFunnels & Village Impact Story
A year before we started Clickfunnels, Russell Brunson had a chance to team up with his friends Stu and Amy McClaren, to be a part of their charity organization World Teacher Aid (the name has since been changed to Village Impact). 
Russell and members of the Clickfunnels team have traveled to Kenya multiple times, to spend time with the children directly benefiting from the schools built with the money donated through ClickFunnels. 
What Your Donation Can Do
$1.00 can feed a child for a entire month. Just $1.00 is the difference between life and death.
$15,000 will build a school and teach more than 20 children how to grow food and sustain life for themselves and their community.
To Date, ClickFunnels Has Donated Over $200,000 To Village Impact
“I remember when I went to Kenya to help build a school in a poor village. I saw all these kids, literally starving on one meal a day. And I was so angry. I didn’t understand why we were spending money on schools instead of food!

Stu & Amy took us to see an orphanage down the road one day. And the woman running the place, she had the biggest heart in the world, but she was uneducated. And because of that, it was an enormous struggle for her to care for the 100 children in her orphanage. She didn’t have the education and tools to grow and cultivate food and it was a constant struggle for her to feed and care for her kids.

Then we traveled to another orphanage where the woman who ran it was educated. 

That’s when I really understood how much education matters in the fight against hunger. She taught agriculture and farming to her kids, and not only were they self-sustaining, but the kids were able to support and help the families in the community as well. 

Education doesn’t just provide knowledge. It is the backbone of jobs, food, and a healthy community.”
The Funnelhacker Impact
Every time a funnel goes live inside of Clickfunnels (a live funnel is one that has at least 100 visitors), we donate $1.00 to Village Impact. 

In 2015 - ClickFunnels Donated $18,694

In 2016 - ClickFunnels Donated $59,782

In 2017 - ClickFunnels Donated $133,737
How many schools we will build with your funnels this year in 2018?
When You Join ClickFunnels & The Funnelhacker Community, Your Funnels Aren’t Just Supporting Your Business….
They Are Transforming Lives & Communities In Kenya As Well.
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